# Home Welcome to the official [powerlily](https://powerlily.io) help site, where you can find tips and guides on how to use the software to its full potential and get the most benefit for your business. # Getting Started If you're new to powerlily then there are a few things you'll need to take care of before you can start sending quotes. Head over to the [onboarding](onboarding) tutorial to finish getting set up. # Sending Quotes Once you have finished the onboarding checklist you will be able to send your first quote. * Designing quotes * Configuring Quotes * Sending Quotes * Messages and Restrictions * Quote Customization # Equipment Catalogue At the end of the day, your [equipment](equipment/equipment) is your product, and products should be showcased. Your proposal software is the best hub for your equipment info, pricing, docs and spec sheets and gives you a way to host all of this content in one easy to navigate location for your team and your customers. # Knowledge Base Knowledge base, FAQs, Solar 101 s, Blog, whatever you want to call it, powerlily lets you add important information about your company, process, products and people and gives you the option to make this accessible to your customers when viewing your quotes. * Categories * Posts # Leads Seamlessly manage your leads from initial contact to signed contract. Use your contact page as your lead form (found at "your powerlily domain/contact") and your whole company can be notified when a new lead comes in. You can use an I-frame instead and embed the snippet on your own website. No need to copy and paste contact details, start a quote with one click. # Microsite The combination of features that powerlily offers come together as a microsite with multiple pages and directories for your customers to navigate. They can easily navigate back and forth between your knowledge base, equipment catalogue and the quote options that they have received with one slick navigation bar with your logo at the top. This puts all of the relevant information for a solar client in one place, saving everyone's time and bolstering confidence in your services.